Catkin Workspace

Catkin is a CMAKE-based build system used to build ROS packages.

Catkin Setup

We will be setting up a Catkin Workspace on BOTH the Turtlebot and Master computers using the following steps.

  1. Open a new terminal and create your catkin workspace
    1. Create a new directory in your home folder:
      • mkdir -p ~/catkin_ws/src
    2. CD to that directory:
      • cd ~/catkin_ws/src
    3. Initialize the workspace:
      • catkin_init_workspace
    4. Build the empty catkin workspace
      • cd ~/catkin_ws
      • catkin_make
    5. Source the setup.sh file to load the environment setup
      • source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.sh
  2. Create a new catkin package called turtlebot_dabit
    1. CD to your catkin_ws src directory:
      • cd ~/catkin_ws/src
    2. Create a new catkin package:
      • catkin_create_pkg turtlebot_dabit
    3. CD into the new package:
      • cd turtlebot_dabit
    4. Make some directories for future use
      • mkdir launch
      • mkdir scripts
      • mkdir src

What’s Next?

Building ROSPY with your Catkin Package
Building ROSCPP with your Catkin Package

Catkin Tips

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